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Forum > General Landlord Topics > Rent Collection- Back Rent owed?

Started By: LiveWell Real Estate - 4 years ago
Last updated: one month ago

Is it worth pursuing back rent owed?  Or should I cut my losses and move on?

Reply from Mediated Properties - 4 years ago

It would depend on the amount owed and the cost to pursue/collect. I wouldn't personally pursue anything under $500 as it would cost me that to chase them. Now if the unpaid balance was related to property damage or negligence, I would be more inclined to return the hassle through the court systems. Again, it kind of depends on the situation and amount.+

Direct Replies:
By: LiveWell Real Estate
4 years ago

I decided to pursue legal action.  If nothing else, they will have to file bankrupcy.  

By: Dave Morris
3 years ago

Good luck, you are just throwing good money after bad.  I have a stack of judgements that I wasted time and money on because I had a 'great' collection company.  They never got me a dime.

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